About Us

Why W.I.L. Paint?

W.I.L. Paint is not a typo. It stands for the company founder Wayne Ian Lucas.

You see, Wayne is a perfectionist when it comes to his work. He is one of those painters who takes good old-fashioned pride in everything he does. He backs every project he does with his personal guarantee by putting his name to his work, and his company.  Which is why the company motto is Perfection in Paint.

Wayne has been painting for over a decade. He started his trade as a painter working on iconic Brisbane Queenslanders and has been in love with their style ever since. He loves helping to restore old Queenslanders to their former glory.

He has also helped beatify a wide range of commercial, body corporate, offices and retail premises across all suburbs of Brisbane.

Quality Brisbane Painters

Wayne’s passion is in doing the job right the first time.  He is one of those painters who notices the little things – the roller slip to the ceiling architrave edge, the edge that is not quite straight, the 2nd coating that missed a spot. These things bug him  – which is why he takes the time to get each job as perfect as possible.

The result? In the past 12 months he has never been called back after a job for touch up repairs – something that is considered standard with most painters. Why? Because there is nothing to touch up. The job was done right the first time, which means less aggravation and disruption for you.

He also believes in minimising the disruption to families while he is working on a job. Which is why he cleans up every day, picks up drop sheets, tidies away all tools and equipment to one out-of-the- way area in your backyard, and leaves your lawn and house looking immaculate. He believes you shouldn’t have to feel like you are living in a war-zone when your house is being painted.

Wayne only hires other painters to join his team if they have the same passion, reliability, consistency and dedication.  That’s what makes his customers keep coming back to him, and to happily refer him to friends and family.

In fact, a retired senior executive of one of Australia’s largest paint companies hired Wayne to paint his house. Why? Because he knew he was getting one of Brisbane’s best painters to do a quality job at a realistic price.

So when you are looking for a quality finish from a Brisbane painter who cares about the details – that’s when you call Wayne and his team from W.I.L. Paint.

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